Vivid Mind Kit
Samovar Vivid Mind Kit


What’s Included in the Samovar Vivid Mind Kit

Samovar Hibiscus Bliss Organic Herbal Blend

Samovar Ocean of Wisdom is out of stock, please enjoy Hibiscus Bliss instead.

Rosemellow, (aka hibiscus) is tropical, vitamin-C charged, and utterly blissful blended with our organic rooibos, lemongrass and licorice. Click here to learn more about Hibiscus Bliss.

Samovar Organic Ryokucha Green Tea

Genmaicha, Samovar-style. Japanese matcha powder blended with toasted brown rice and steamed green tea. A meal unto itself. Cereal-like and nutty, a touch of grassiness, and the ultimate for breakfast.

Samovar Vivid Brewpot

Tempered Taiwanese glass lets you watch your tea brew, and the metal mesh filter strains it perfectly each time. Simply add tea and hot water into the pot, and place the filter-lid on top. When the tea is done steeping, decant it into a separate cup to filter out the tea leaves. (Cup and tray in photo not included)

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