Vivid Infusion Kit
Samovar Vivid Brewpot Herbal Kit


What’s Included in the Samovar Vivid Brewpot Herbal Infusion Kit

Samovar Organic Ocean of Wisdom Herbal Infusion

Custom blended here at Samovar Tea Lounge for His Holiness The Dalai Lama. A decaf masala chai-style brew with a silken, malty mouth-feel and natural spicy sweetness that lingers on and on. Sail from an ordinary moment to a contemplative one.

Samovar Organic Moorish Mint Herbal Infusion

The elixir of the ancient Moors (Berbers pre-dating Western religion) and used to save souls and civilians alike. This Samovar tonic blends peppermint, fennel, black pepper, cloves and a touch of green tea. Sip to drift in the footsteps of the industrious Numidian Berbers of 202 BC.

Samovar Organic Cacao Mint Herbal Infusion

The wisdom of the ancients in a simple pot of deliciousness. Cacao for boosting moods (ancient Aztecs). Peppermint for soothing tummies (ancient Egyptians). And lavender for deeper sleep (ancient Rome).

Samovar Organic Turmeric Spice Herbal Infusion

Turmeric, i.e. “Haridra” invokes Lord Ganesha (vanquisher of all obstacles). A 24kt-gold blend of ancient herbs: ginger, orange peel, licorice root, lemongrass, and of course holy turmeric. Peaty and grounding, bright and citrusy, and capable of banishing your obstacles.

Samovar Organic Chamomile Melange Herbal Infusion

Your grandma’s garden chamomile-classic, but on Samovar steroids. Chill out big-time with our soothing brew of organic chamomile flowers, lemon myrtle, lemongrass and spearmint.

Samovar Organic Hibiscus Bliss Herbal Infusion

Rosemellow, (aka hibiscus) is tropical, vitamin-C charged, and utterly blissful blended with our organic rooibos, lemongrass and licorice.

Samovar Vivid Brewpot

Tempered Taiwanese glass lets you watch your tea brew, and the metal mesh filter strains it perfectly each time. Simply add tea and hot water into the pot, and place the filter-lid on top. When the tea is done steeping, decant it into a separate cup to filter out the tea leaves. (Cup and tray in photo not included)

Samovar Lotus Teacups (Set of 2)

The perfect cups to showcase the rich colors of your tea.

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