Tea Lounge Kit
The Samovar Tea Lounge Kit


From the beauty and precision of The Crystal Clear Electric Tea Kettle, to the classic sophistication of our custom-designed Samovar Teapot, from the crystal clear Taiwanese glass of the Vivid Brewpot, to the timeless utility of the Cloud Gaiwan, this kit features tea brewing vessels for every occasion, plus twelve of our most popular teas including our limited edition Ginger Lily Dancong, and Eight Immortals Dancong.

Whatís Included in the Samovar Tea Lounge Kit

Samovar Dancong Ginger Lily

Subtly sweet with the complex floral aroma of White Ginger Lily, notes of clover honey, and a soft body.

Samovar Dancong Eight Immortals

From one of the most treasured cultivars in the Phoenix Mountain region, this oolong has a delicate flavor that unfolds with each infusion, lush, floral with a light honey taste and orange blossom aroma.

Samovar Organic Ryokucha Green Tea

Genmaicha, Samovar-style. Japanese matcha powder blended with toasted brown rice and steamed green tea. A meal unto itself. Cereal-like and nutty, a touch of grassiness, and the ultimate for breakfast.

Samovar Organic Californian Persian Black Tea

After ten years and hundreds of tastings, Samovar's Persian tea has arrived. Yes it's brisk. Fully oxidized black tea, cardamom, orange peel, & wild baby roses. Transportive, the line blurs between California-21st century and Persepolis 465 BC.

Samovar Organic Turmeric Spice Herbal Infusion

Turmeric, i.e. ďHaridraĒ invokes Lord Ganesha (vanquisher of all obstacles). A 24kt-gold blend of ancient herbs: ginger, orange peel, licorice root, lemongrass, and of course holy turmeric. Peaty and grounding, bright and citrusy, and capable of banishing your obstacles.

Samovar Organic Jasmine Green Tea

Lush, heady notes of jasmine flowers and a whisper of roasted walnuts. Floral, refreshing, faintly grassy and succulently astringent. Tastes great as a chilled Tea Lemonade.

Samovar Organic Breakfast Blend Black Tea

Kindle clarity and banish stupor. Full malty flavor with delicate muscatel finish. The ideal transition from coffee to tea.

Samovar Organic Masala Chai

Sweet, spicy, creamy and best when simmered for hours with whole milk and coconut palm nectar. Countless Indian grannies journey to Samovar to savor our chai, insisting itís better than theirs.

Samovar Monkey Picked Oolong Tea

Sip. Penetrate your issues. Dissolve them. Kuan Yinís classic elixir offering transcendence via the tea leaf. Witness the rolled leaves unfurl, releasing a velvety, woody, full bodied infusion of earth and sky.

Samovar Organic Blood Orange Pu-Erh Tea

Blood orange rind blended with pile-fermented pu-erh yields notes of wet-redwood and stewed-citrus. Intricately pleasurable, this brew takes you far and wide: from the forests of Yunnan to the Tarocco orange grove range in Italy.

Samovar Organic Bai Mudan White Tea

Hand-picked, sun dried for three days, baked, then cured. Woody hints of roasted hazelnuts, and sweet corn. Lingering notes of hot cocoa. A golden infusion to soothe monkey mind. Explore the darkest of the white teas.

Samovar Organic Moorish Mint Herbal Infusion

The elixir of the ancient Moors (Berbers pre-dating Western religion) and used to save souls and civilians alike. This Samovar tonic blends peppermint, fennel, black pepper, cloves and a touch of green tea. Sip to drift in the footsteps of the industrious Numidian Berbers of 202 BC.

Crystal Clear Electric Tea Kettle

A watched pot does boil. Watching water boil is awesome. Itís science and magic together. Witnessing the application of heat to still water, and then the transition of water to steam really is magic, and a great first step.

Samovar Teapot

Exclusive to Samovar Tea Lounge, this sleek ceramic teapot is the perfect combination of durability, design, and aesthetic. (Teacup and tray not included)

Samovar Vivid Brewpot

Tempered Taiwanese glass lets you watch your tea brew, and the metal mesh filter strains it perfectly each time. Simply add tea and hot water into the pot, and place the filter-lid on top. When the tea is done steeping, decant it into a separate cup to filter out the tea leaves. (Teacup and tray not included)

Copper Tea Canisters (Set of 10)

Tea storage made easy. Transfer your Samovar tea teaboxes to tins for longer term storage. Double lids to keep the air, light, and moisture out, and the tea in.

Samovar Cloud Gaiwan

The ultimate tea gadget is also the oldest. Our gaiwan or "covered bowl," is one of the oldest brewing devices around, and for good reason - itís also one of the best. Itís easy. Itís beautiful. And it produces awesome tea. Concentrating the infusion, youíll get stronger aromas, more full bodied taste, and a beautiful view of the leaves unfurling.

Samovar Lotus Teacups (Set of 8)

The perfect cups to showcase the rich colors of your tea.

One: Tea Lounge Groove MP3 Download

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