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Samovar Gift Certificate for your favorite person. Samovar Gift Card for Tea Lounge Use Only Monkey Picked Iron Goddess of Mercy Oolong Tea
Online Shop Gift Certificate
You set the price $50.00
Tea Lounge Gift Card
Recommended $100.00

Notes of caramel, shiitake mushroom, roasted chicory

Organic Samovar Masala Chai The Samovar Tea Lounge Teapot Samovar Organic Ryokucha Japanese Genmaicha Green Tea
Masala Chai
from $17.00
from $19.00

Malt, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, black pepper, clove

Notes of buttered toast, cut grass, steamed spinach, seaweed

Jasmine Pearl Organic Green Tea Dragonwell Green Tea Organic Bai Mudan Organic White Tea
Jasmine Pearl
from $26.00
from $24.00
Bai Mudan
from $19.00

Sweet jasmine and notes of cocoa powder, baked squash, green hay

Notes of bittersweet chocolate, toasted pine nut, cloves

Notes of toasted walnuts, sweet corn, wildflower honey

The Personal Tea Set: Bamboo Tray, Classic Black Tea Pot, and Breakfast Blend Black Tea Easy Starter Tea Set: A set of Earl Grey, Ryokucha, Orange Ginger, and Finum Teeli Infuser to brew them in. Tea Lounge in a Box – Moorish Set -Moorish Mint, Samovar Classic Black Teapot, Sencha Teacups, Bamboo Tray, Samovar Tea Lounge Music

Tynan's Traveling Tea Set Wabi Sabi Tea Ware Set Samovar Organic Jasmine Green Tea + Vivid Brewpot

Samovar Vivid Brewpot Herbal Kit Samovar Vivid Brewpot Herbal Kit Moon Bud White Organic Tea
Moon Bud White
from $24.00

Notes of wet hay, cantaloupe melon, buttered toast

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