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Samovar Gift Certificate for your favorite person. Samovar Organic Ryokucha Japanese Genmaicha Green Tea Organic Samovar Masala Chai
Online Shop Gift Certificate
You set the price $15.00
2 oz $15.00
Masala Chai
4 oz $15.00

Sweet greens, grassy, sea vegetable. Notes of toasted brown rice.

Full-flavored, spicy, sweet, creamy.

Bai Mudan Organic White Tea Monkey Picked Iron Goddess of Mercy Oolong Tea Jasmine Pearl Organic Green Tea
Bai Mudan
1.5 oz $19.00
Jasmine Pearl
2 oz $21.00

Hints of roasted walnuts, sweet corn, hot cocoa.

Smooth-bodied, flavors of apricot and honey with notes of roasted nuts, and caramel.

Heady jasmine notes, hints of roasted walnut.

The Samovar Tea Lounge Teapot Samovar Gift Card for Tea Lounge Use Only
Tea Lounge Gift Card
Recommended $100.00

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