Shibumi Matcha
Samovar Shibumi Matcha

Tea TypeGreen Tea



20 g $39.00
20 g $39



Notes of sushi rice, Japanese sweet potato, chlorophyl

Our matcha is slow to grow, slow to harvest, and slow to mill, revealing an ultra creamy,deep, sweet brew. With matcha you’re literally “eating” the tea as the fine particles float in your brew, giving you health benefits, and energizing caffeine. Packed at the farm in small 20 gram bags (.7 ounce)

Processing NotesShading the tea bushes allows only 10% of the sunlight to enter the slowly growing plants, increasing chlorophyll concentration, sweetness, and caffeine. Hand-scissoring (not machine), deveining the leaves, and granite-milling (not ceramic) yield a deep, creamy, extremely fine vivid green matcha. green tea powder.

IngredientsStone-milled, shade grown, Japanese green tea powder

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