Samovar Chai Kit
The Samovar Chai Kit


Whatís Included in the Samovar Chai Kit

Samovar Organic Masala Chai Black Tea

Sweet, spicy, creamy and best when simmered for hours with whole milk and coconut palm nectar. Countless Indian grannies journey to Samovar to savor our chai, insisting itís better than theirs.

Samovar Wabi Sabi Teacup

We worked for years to develop the perfect cup, and the result was worth the wait. The Wabi Sabi Teacup touches all the senses: It pleases the eye, and the white interior highlights the rich colors of your tea. The feel is smooth, keeping your hands cool and keeping the tea hot. The shape channels the aroma of tea and the sound of the tea being poured into it. The size allows you to hold the cup with one or two hands, to slowly taste and savor your tea.

Wabi sabi speaks to the transience of all things, and the beauty in imperfection. Each cup is handmade, so no two are alike. The sound of boiling water, the ephemeral aroma of steam wafting upwards, the taste of the brew, our very breath; it is all fleeting. So savor this moment.

Samovar Sweet Crystals

Sourced for Samovar by island farmers in Bali, Indonesia, who climb and then tap the tall palm trees for their nectar. "Wild crafted," this unrefined natural sweetener is the perfect sugar substitute. Buttery, rich, and sweet, it is reminiscent of Muscavado or Demerara sugar, yet more freeflowing and without the moisture content. Low on the glycemic index and high in micro-nutrients, it's healthy perfect with tea or for baking.

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