One: Tea Lounge Groove MP3
One: Tea Lounge Groove MP3

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One: Tea Lounge Groove

One is the beginning.
The sum of many parts, one is whole and united. One full circle, one beginning is one ending. We live in one world. We have one life. There is one human race. One man and one woman, one sperm and one egg, one spark and one…

The sound of a beating heart confirms life. Relish your own sound, your own life, because you have only one. Love life and dance to its rhythm. Let our music inside you, guide you, inspire you, illuminate you. Let it sway you as it reflects the voices and rhythms of the world. Dance and rejoice to this music of…

Tea is the sum of the earth and the sun and the gentle touch of humankind. Sun and rain, wind and fog, mountains and lowlands, heat and cold, and gently crafted, tea is everything, and tea is for you. In one slight sip, tea becomes you for an instant, and then leaves you forever changed; relaxed and enlivened, warmed and refreshed. Sip again.

Tea is like life. It can be bitter and it can be sweet. It can be strong and it can be weak. Like you, it is mostly water. It can be young or old, smooth or wrinkled, black, white, yellow, brown, green, red. It is there on a hill-side, then here in your cup, then steeped then sipped then gone. It can be soothing or invigorating, stolid or sensual, enrapturing or enlightening. It is alluring and ephemeral. It is the union of the earth and humankind and we offer it to you.

Welcome to the sound of Samovar Tea Lounge, One. One sound, one tea, one world, one life, this is the beginning. Sip, dance, enjoy.

Track Descriptions:

Believe in Life
Begin with a breath, and believe in your life. The first track, it is like the first breath we take in life, and the first deep breath we take every morning. Warming, enveloping, chanting and cello, this piece moves inside you like your breath. Steady and constant, a gentle awakening to begin the rhythm of breathing and living.

Sita Rama
Resonant and deep, the chant of Sita Rama will mesmerize and rejuvenate. Chant along and you will find yourself awash in the waves of smooth bass beats, guzheng, and hypnotic chants. Try this track when warming up, or cooling down, and let it gently awaken, inspire and motivate you. Perfect for pairing with a relaxing herbal infusion or white tea before bed.

Go way far away to the ancient lands of Saharan sands. Twist, turn, swirl and spin to this tune of the ancients. Snake charmers, hot, dry wind, strong, sweet, mint tea, and the timeless plaintive chant of a woman. Undulate to this music for love. Love yourself, love the earth, love your partner. May we suggest sipping the Maiden’s Ecstasy, pu-erh tea when listening?

Snowbud Bossa
Snowbud is a gentle, warming, soothing, slightly sweet White tea. Soft and delicate, and uplifting. Written as a dedication to the survivors of the tsunami in South East Asia to praise their tenacity, and to respect their hardships, Snowbud Bossa is gentle and uplifting. We are all connected on this small planet. Consciously or not, what was felt during the tsunami was experienced by all. Open your eyes to our connection, and let flow your compassion for those with difficulties. Connect, and be light and gentle like Snowbud.

Dub Infusion
A delicious whole leaf tea must infuse in pure hot water. Slowly, gradually, eventually, the nectar releases from the leaves and steeps, blending with the water. Infuse yourself into this reggae rhythm with a hum, a nod, a sway, a dance. Explore the nectar and drink it in, tea, and dance.

Yes, just-let-go. Go, go, go, go, go, go, go... It feels so good. This sound caresses you, head to toe, inside to outside. Close your eyes and tap your toes, and let it ride. Recorded live in a Balinese village, Debud, a close friend of ours and a master of traditional music recites the Balinese musical scale. Intertwined throughout is the eerie chanting of a Balinese shadow puppet show telling the classic Hindu epic, Ramayana. Finally, the robust and masculine voices of the all-male Balinese Kecak dance gets you on your feet…ready to dance….for the next track… One One is the beginning. It all starts at One and goes around, and around, in one complete circle. Birth, life, death, birth, life death. It is inevitable. Celebrate this beginning. Bump, thump, move and groooove to the song of the Indian Katak dancer and his female partner singing so joyfully. This track just might make you cry. So deep, so complex, and sooooooooo delicious. Just like our premium Oolong tea, Monkey King, this track is uplifting, layered, full bodied and will wake you up right now.

It is all about heart. You have one heart and it has so much… passion, fire, warmth, vibration, love, rhythm. Your beating heart is your rhythm. Can you feel it? How about your brother’s heart? Your mother’s heart? Your lover’s heart? Do they know how you feel? Tell them. Open your heart and let it in. Give and you will receive.

Ngoma I Ngoma (The Drum is The Drum)
The drum is the drum is the drum. For some it is the drum and for some it is the computer. For some it is the sewing machine and for some it is the farm. For some it is tea. The drum is our livelihood and through it we receive not only food, shelter, and money but emotional and spiritual support. Our livelihood is what we do, and for many it is who we are. Play your drum like you will never play again and your music will be beautiful because it is yours.

Sunda Sayangku
The Sunda are from West Java. They say proudly “Sunda Sayangku,” “my dear culture,” because they love their culture. Relish all of our very different cultures. A world so small with cultures so many, we are all so different. But we are also all the same. Stand proud for your family and your culture. Appreciate our differences, and don’t forget our sameness. Sip some tea and consider the culture that brought it to you. Growing, picking, drying, shipping, buying, and finally, you steep it. Where are you from?

Mystic Jingmai
Sweaty, passionate, dark, intense, yang with hints of yin, this music moves your loins, so dance. The Chinese Guzeng, and the Indian tabla, this is a seriously grooving house blend. Like the layers of JingmaiMountain’s ancient tea, this music delves through layers of culture, time, rhythm, and mood in every beat. JingmaiMountain is renowned for giving us the dark, complex, ancient flavor of pu-erh, with deep bittersweet chocolate-espresso notes. Delicious for your tongue and your mood, and energizing to your feet.

Sinless Camellia
We are in the house of House music, with tea, the glorious Camellia Sinensis. Without a flaw, true tea delivers us to a place of pleasantness. Vibrant, healthy, content, all you can do is dance, and this music will let you, will make you. Wake up with a strong black tea and the beat of the tabla and let these sultry vocals guide with, or without sin.

Rumah Dunia
In Bahasa-Indonesia, Rumah Dunia is “the world’s house.” The world is our house, and this is house music for moving and grooving. We all live in this house together, so let’s celebrate. Say yes and do it. Dance. Get lively with a pot of our invigorating Oolong tea, the Royal Caressing Concubine.

Dance Meditate (Simplifying Meditation, remixed)
Mediate to contemplate. Dance to celebrate. Celebrate contemplation. Swing, sway, move, groove, go, love, live, long…now. Do it right now. Don’t wait. Now.

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