Jasmine Green Tea
Samovar Organic Jasmine Green Tea

Tea TypeGreen Tea



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Soft floral aromas of Jasmine flower, a light hint of cocoa powder, and fleeting notes of a baked green quality.

Lush, heady notes of jasmine flowers and a whisper of roasted walnuts. Floral, refreshing, faintly grassy and succulently astringent. Tastes great as a chilled Tea Lemonade.

Processing Notes100% natural blend of organic Chinese green tea and jasmine flowers.

Pairing NotesAsian food. Buttery pastries like croissants and scones.

IngredientsOrganic green tea from Fujian, China, with jasmine

Recommended Teaware

How to Brew

  1. Add 1 TBSP to 12 oz. boiled water.
  2. Steep for 3 minutes
  3. Decant and serve.

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