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Herbal Infusions, Bulk

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Chamomile Melange Organic Herbal Blend Samovar Earl Red Organic Herbal Blend 5 Pound Bulk Pack Samovar Hibiscus Bliss Organic Herbal Blend
Chamomile Twist
2 oz $11.00
Earl Red, 5 lb
5 lb $350.00
Hibiscus Bliss
2 oz $11.00

Bright, refreshing with lingering notes of mint and crisp apples.

Bright Bergamot citrus with earthy, sweet rooibos depth.

Tart, tropical, citrusy, and slightly sweet.

Samovar Moorish Mint Organic Herbal Infusion Ocean of Wisdom : Organic Spice and Rooibos Herbal Blend Turmeric Spice Organic Herbal Blend
Moorish Mint
2 oz $11.00
Ocean of Wisdom
2 oz $11.00
Turmeric Spice
2 oz $11.00

Minty, earthy, subtly sweet with light roasted notes.

Decaf masala chai-style brew, malty mouth-feel, natural lingering spicy sweetness.

Full-bodied with subtle ginger heat, earthy notes of turmeric, sweet, citrusy finish.

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