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Green Tea

Partially oxidized and medium caffeine, pan-fried or steamed.

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Samovar Green Ecstasy Gyokuro Green Tea Samovar Organic Jasmine Green Tea
Green Ecstasy
50 g $45.00
50 g $95.00
4 oz $21.00

Rich and creamy with complex umami.

Kickass umami like no other

Heady jasmine notes, hints of roasted walnut.

Jasmine Pearl Organic Green Tea Matcha Hekisui Green Tea Powder Samovar Moorish Mint Organic Herbal Infusion
Jasmine Pearl
6 oz $45.00
Matcha Hekisui
20 g $59.00
Moorish Mint
4 oz $19.00

Heady jasmine notes, hints of roasted walnut.

Smooth, grassy with a creamy dark chocolate finish.

Minty, earthy, subtly sweet with light roasted notes.

Nishi 1st Flush Organic Japanese Sencha Green Tea Samovar Organic Ryokucha Japanese Genmaicha Green Tea Samovar Shibumi Matcha
5 oz $35.00
Shibumi Matcha
20 g $25.00

Umami, sweet rice, light grassiness.

Sweet greens, grassy, sea vegetable. Notes of toasted brown rice.

Samovar Super Uji Matcha Samovar Sweet Matcha Shake Mix
Super Uji Matcha
20 g $165.00

Sweet, smooth and grassy.

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