Copper Tea Canister
Copper Tea Canister -  Keep Your Tea Fresh!

The freshness of tea is paramount to its flavor, aroma and beneficial chemical balance. Elements like light, moisture, odors and heat can rapidly deteriorate the quality of your precious tea collection.

We recommend our double-lidded Copper Tea Tin for airtight, light-safe storage of your tea. It comes in stylish, neutral copper coloring with a black base and silver interior. The outer lid fits snugly and slides off smoothly. The inner lid has a knob for easy removal.

The interior holds 20 fluid ounces, or an average of about eight ounces of tea. (White teas, wiry oolongs and floral or leafy herbals tend to be more voluminous. Black tea, steamed greens, tightly rolled oolongs, rooibos, yerba maté and chai tend to be quite dense and take up less space per ounce.)

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