Case of 24 Sencha Teacups
Case of 24 Sencha Teacups

The Sencha Teacup was specifically designed to showcase the luster of brilliant green Sencha teas, but its modern, clean design and ergonomic, understated beauty make it suitable for any richly colored tea. It was designed and made in Japan, so it is sturdy, dishwasher safe and characterized by (seemingly) effortless elegance, simplicity and functionality.

 Its wide rim allows your tea to cool quickly, so you can enjoy a deeply sensory tea ritual in no time flat. The immaculately white color makes your tea ritual an acutely visual one your nectarous brews appear as luminous pools of color and depth. The footed design is aesthetically pleasing, and it prevents burnt surfaces and fingertips.

Relish in the color, body, aroma and flavor of fine Sencha (or any other vivid tea) with this sensible (read: affordable) and sensual (read: artful) teacup. This teacup holds about 2 ounces of tea.

Here are a few particularly chromatic and visually enticing teas for sipping from the Sencha Teacup:

Earl Red Herbal Blend
Matcha Hekisui
Lapsang Souchong Black Tea
Fukamushi Sencha Organic Green Tea
Maiden's Ecstasy Pu-erh Tea
Ryokucha Green Tea
Samovar Russian Blend Black Tea
Wei Chi Cha Herbal Blend
Yunnan Golden Bud Black Tea

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