Case of 18 Finum Teeli Tea Brewing Baskets
Case of 18 Finum Teeli Tea Brewing Baskets

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This medium-sized brewing basket fits most mugs and is ideal for simple brewing at home, in the office or in your travels. It is made from stainless steel mesh and food-safe, heat-safe plastic that is entirely flavor-neutral. (Flavor neutrality ensures it won’t leave any metallic, plastic or other flavors in your brew.)

This infusing basket comes with a dual-use lid (to keep unbrewed leaves covered and to retain heat in the mug during brewing) / drip tray (to prevent dripping after brewing and to hold leaves as they await another infusion).

The Brewing Basket is a durable, effective brewing solution that is more sustainable and less expensive than tea bags, plus we’re sure you’ll prefer the tea you make with it.

It is German-made, 100% BPA- and phthalate-free and backed with a five-year limited warranty. It is dishwasher-safe when washed on the top rack, and it can be easily hand washed. You can use it to brew coffee, too – just be sure to wash it well before you use it to brew tea again.

At Samovar Tea Lounge, we use this basket for brewing teas in our Glass Pitcher.

Diameter: 2.63"
Height: 2.94"

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