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Black Tea

Fully oxidized and high in caffeine, our whole leaf black teas are rich, passionate, and yang.

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Organic Samovar Masala Chai Samovar English Breakfast Blend Organic Black Tea Organic Earl Grey
Masala Chai
from $17.00
Earl Grey
from $14.00

Full-flavored, spicy, sweet, creamy.

Smooth, full-bodied, malty, brisk.

Bright citrus punch with fleeting hint of sweet flower.

Samovar Tolstoy's Sip Organic Black Tea Samovar Tart Peach Organic Black Tea Samovar Californian Persian Organic Black Tea
Tolstoy's Sip
from $14.00
Tart Peach
3 oz $86.00

Smoky, sweet, lightly fruity.

Black tea, red peach, hibiscus and rosehips.

Rose, cardamom, citrus with astringent black tea punch.

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