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Samovar Californian Persian Organic Black Tea Samovar Darjeeling First Flush Black Tea Organic Earl Grey
Earl Grey
from $14.00

Notes of jasmine, rose, and cardamom, with bright astringency and gauzy body

Floral aroma, cantaloupe flavor and lingering honey aromatics

Bright bergamot citrus and notes of muscatel, tobacco, and caramel.

Samovar English Breakfast Blend Organic Black Tea Organic Samovar Masala Chai Samovar Tart Peach Organic Black Tea
Masala Chai
from $17.00
Tart Peach
3 oz $86.00

Notes of molasses, sour cherry, pipe tobacco

Malt, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, black pepper, clove

Notes of muscatel, rose, peach, citrus

Samovar Tolstoy's Sip Organic Black Tea
Tolstoy's Sip
from $14.00

Notes of pine smoke, campfire, strawberry, blackberry.

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